Onvo AI is a platform that lets you embed beautiful, user friendly dashboards into your products. It’s powered by AI so your users do not have to be technical in order to use it.

This documentation provides an overview of how to use Onvo AI embedded into your products. It encompasses a collection of endpoints that allow seamless interaction with Onvo’s servers. These endpoints can be utilized for various purposes, and we strive to make the integration process straightforward.


For developers using javascript, we recommend leveraging the @onvo-ai/js package to consume these endpoints effectively. This package provides a streamlined approach to interacting with the API.

For developers using react, we recommend leveraging the @onvo-ai/react package to visualize the dashboards. You can also use iframes for building dashboards which is covered in the Quickstart section.

We are actively working on developing SDKs for other languages, which will be made available soon. Watch out for updates on our GitHub repository at to access the SDKs once they are released.